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Creating Hi-Def Audio with Multiple Phones, for  Easy & Powerful Multi-Tracking, Anywhere.

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Audiohand music app aligns recordings uploaded from multiple devices to the millisecond, automatically mixes them together, producing one high-quality, shareable MP3.


Audiohand music recording app connects up to as many phones or devices as you want! The more audio sources recording the same event, the better resolution your sound becomes.

Place your Iphone near your instrument and hit record

Place your phone (or phones) near an instrument and join a session in Audiohand.

Your Music is uploaded to the Audiohand servers Upload your Music to Audiohand servers
Audiohand alligns all recordings to play in unison

Audiohand magically aligns each recording to play in unison.

Audiohand fixes your music files And fixed
Audiohand then mixes, noise reduces, and polishes your audio.

Audiohand then mixes, noise reduces, and polishes your audio.

Your music is now shareable Your Music is now cleaned up by the Audiohand servers
When finished, Audiohand music app gives you mixed, polished, a MP3 to keep or share though social media!

When finished, you get your mixed, polished, shareable MP3 to keep!