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Natural Reverb or Artificial Reverb?

Sometimes this might seem like a no-brainier -- "of course, natural reverb is the way to go." But is it and always?

At the end of the day, changing anything inside a mix or changing an instrument's tone should always advance the music, and how someone experiences it. You don't want someone to just hear your music, you want them to feel your music and make a connection, right?

Building the Audiohand Recording App Using the 90/10 Rule

It's easy to get wrapped up in very small details when releasing digital products. But when digital products are ready to launch, teams and management sometimes find small changes that can derail the entire release. Why does this happen, and is this a good or bad thing?

Bringing More Joy to Your iPhone Recording Process

Jackson Guitar courtesy of Front Stage Music

So much of what we do is thinking about the music that's being created and captured with our app. 

Back to when we originally launched in March of last year, we designed the app to work when you're at the most intimate times with your music. We purposefully kept the UI dark, introducing splashes of color to make the app visually pop in dark environments. While at the same time, keeping it easy to use during the daytime. More importantly, bringing a little more joy to the iPhone recording process. 

Making the Right Audio Mixing Decisions

You have only so many tools when you're changing the sound of your record. Compressor to change how it pumps, EQ to change its timbre and tone, and Reverb to give some space. Once any DIY musician gets comfortable with these tools, there's no limits to all the creative and unique sounds that'll come.

Simplicity Keeps You Sounding Great

There are so many factors when it comes to DIY recording, where do you start? Do you start with a premium microphone? Do you start with the right software, or the right preamp? With so many options, it's extremely important to keep things simple and focused.

Great microphone placement and well-rehearsed music makes all the difference in cutting any record.

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