Audiohand iOS 1.3 Means Easier and Better Sounding Music

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Audiohand iOS 1.3 Means Easier and Better Sounding Music

iOS 1.3 Means Ease and Better Sounding Music

With Audiohand , it's always about making it easier than ever to get high-quality, studio-like mixes, right from your phone. And with the upcoming 1.3 iOS release of the Audiohand music recording app, creating your music has gotten a lot easier at a higher quality.

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Check out what's coming up next in version 1.3:

Better Mesh

When we figured out how to get two phones to automatically pair with each other, we were excited. After a lot of testing, we were able to get up to three phones pairing with each other, that was okay. But now with our next release, we can get up to 5 phones to perfectly pair and record at the same time!


In almost every piece of recording gear, it tells you how many I/O you get. For instance, you might get an entry level recording interface with two inputs and with two outputs, meaning you can record two mono sources at one time. With Audiohand, we've gone from two I/O to three I/O, and now to five I/O.

Better Audio Mixing

With this release, we've done a lot of cleaning up on our cloud mixer. Starting this release, we'll be able to keep a history of mixed recordings that will help us predict how much reverb you'll like, or how loud or compressed you'll like. Our goal is to bridge the knowledge gap, getting high-quality studio-like mixes to Audiohand users, with only a few taps in our app. We've seen hours recored onto Audiohand, and it's because we keep it extremely simple to get a good sounding recording, anywhere you are with your phone.

Audio Filters

Finally, you can now tailor your sound with a few taps of our prebuilt filters! You want to grunge your guitars sound? Just tap the grunge filter and dial in how much you want. Audiohand takes care of the rest, delivering your polished track within minutes to seconds.

When we're closing to releasing 1.3, we'll put out a list of filters for anyone to check out, including samples and snippets. 

Happy Recording!
The Audiohand Team

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