Bringing More Joy to Your iPhone Recording Process

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Bringing More Joy to Your iPhone Recording Process

Bringing More Joy to Your iPhone Recording ProcessJackson Guitar courtesy of Front Stage Music

So much of what we do is thinking about the music that's being created and captured with our app. 

Back to when we originally launched in March of last year, we designed the app to work when you're at the most intimate times with your music. We purposefully kept the UI dark, introducing splashes of color to make the app visually pop in dark environments. While at the same time, keeping it easy to use during the daytime. More importantly, bringing a little more joy to the iPhone recording process. 

Products win when they solve real problems, easily & quickly, while bringing joy at every step.

Here at Audiohand, we're working to bring more joy into our app, especially while we ramp up our product development to introduce better band mode and audio filters. We want every Audiohand user to make the best music possible, and for that to happen, we need to continue to inspire creativity and music-making where we can.

How can we bring more joy to your recording process? How can we make more magic happen? 

Easier Mixing

Our app has improved dramatically over the past 9 months, and recording is just easier and better now. The main reason really stems from not making our users do everything. What do we mean when we say that? Well, originally, our users had to record, upload, wait-for-successful-upload, and then mix their track. This was way too much work, and so now, we automatically take any recording created, upload it onto our cloud mixer, and send a push notification when it's already mixed and ready to be listened. We've seen a huge uptick in users listening to their finished track!

Easier Recording

Better yet, we completely yanked out our initial menu screen. We found out that roughly 80% or more of our users are hitting the menu screen, only to go to the recording screen. This makes sense, since recording is at the core of what Audiohand iOS does. Even better, we introduced a recording widget in Audiohand iOS 1.2.0 that allows you to drop down your widget notification area, and launch our app, right from the locked screen!

Better Reliability

When any phone wasn't connected to the internet, we had a host of edge-cases when uploads would completely tank the app, and you'd have to restart it. Not anymore! Audiohand iOS now seamlessly detects whether your device has internet connection, and uploads if there is. If there's no internet connection, no worries – Audiohand iOS safely secures your recording on your device, and gives very clear feedback on how to get it mixed, when you have internet connection.

Here at Audiohand, we're truly working hard to empower anyone wanting to make good-sounding music, but might lack the knowledge, time, or money to support their music-making. Everything we do is to better help the musicians that support us, and we're excited for iOS 1.3 to be coming soon. 

—The Audiohand Team

Give Audiohand a try... you'll love it as much as we do!


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