Building the Audiohand Recording App Using the 90/10 Rule

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Building the Audiohand Recording App Using the 90/10 Rule

Building the Audiohand Recording App Using the 90/10 Rule

It's easy to get wrapped up in very small details when releasing digital products. But when digital products are ready to launch, teams and management sometimes find small changes that can derail the entire release. Why does this happen, and is this a good or bad thing?

The last 10% takes 90% of the time. Always.

Why spend a huge amount of time on polishing any feature, if it doesn't get out there? After launching, we could also learn that it 1) fails at its core concept, 2) users don't see value from it, or 3) derails us from our long-term vision. Killing anything after putting in a lot of polish is hard, so let's wait for polish until we know for sure that its core concept is working.

Raw perfection can kill progress.

With physical products, changing one aspect when manufacturing an entire batch could cause huge delays in releasing. With digital products, aspects can be changed relatively faster, and code deployment takes a fraction of time compared to traditional physical manufacturing. Since digital products are easier to refine, creative teams constantly balance perfection with timeliness. Perfection must be managed to keep product releases on-time.

Our creation culture at Audiohand.

Sometimes, we catch ourselves knitpicking over small details before the feature is released. Understanding that software can evolve, we instead have a checklist of functionality. If our work handles 90% of that functionality and it's tested, we release. We keep an eye on the other 10% (our edge cases), knowing we can make improvements in the future. But more importantly, we keep moving forward. 

Instead, managing perfection makes excellence.

By focusing on the 90%, we have significantly better chances at making a winning product and reputation. We're constantly working on things that matter. We're better at listening to our users and knowing what they want. And we're able to axe any features that had no attention and interest.

Living by the 90/10 rule allows us to be less biased. We're able to make decisions that move our product and brand the furthest and fastest.

—The Audiohand Team

Come see what this mantra has done for us, and give Audiohand a try!


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