Making the Right Audio Mixing Decisions

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Making the Right Audio Mixing Decisions


You have only so many tools when you're changing the sound of your record. Compressor to change how it pumps, EQ to change its timbre and tone, and Reverb to give some space. Once any DIY musician gets comfortable with these tools, there's no limits to all the creative and unique sounds that'll come.

But with great power comes great responsibility and it's easy to get lost in the possibilities. That's why it's important to remember:

Changing the record's sound should (hopefully) bring listeners closer with your record, and (hopefully) strengthen that emotional connection.

There's an unlimited number of possibilities of how your record can sound. So it becomes extremely important to generally know what kind of sound could help any listener connect with your record and song, before sitting in front of all your options.

For instance, doubling a chorus while limiting it hard and boosting some high frequencies, and tucking that underneath a clean chorus take. This could really make a record cut and have some edge, but while still being very clean and very polished.

A little bit goes a long way

It's sometimes easy to douse a track with tons of effects, and at the time, not realizing that it's too "wet" and now the track is halfway lost. A little bit goes a long way, and so it's crucial to know what aspects of your record need that little spice. Otherwise, your music doesn't shine and it's even harder for it to connect with listeners.

Get creative and stay simple

Challenge yourself – try making your mix by only changing track levels, stereo placement, and maybe some reverb. Your perspective and audio mixing decisions are far more important than the tools that you use. Don't get us wrong, tools are great, but only so long as we're disciplined and focused on accomplishing what's best for the record.

Paralleled compression can be powerful

Ever compressed a vocal track and felt that it still lacked power in a mix, even though you compressed it right and it sounds killer when solo'd out? Get creative – try doubling that vocal track onto another track, compressing the hell out of it, boost the low and high frequencies, and then tuck that underneath your first vocal track. Watch it come alive.

Why? Your ears are looking for the quieter details in that voice, but can't get past other instrumentation. The first compressed track helped reign some details in, whereas this second really-compressed track helps to bring some quieter details up, beefing up your vocals and helping them cut through the mix. This is the power of keeping things simple and making conscious decisions.

Want your record to make someone feel heartbreak? Then make subtle enhancements to your record that enhance your song and don't detract! You'd be amazed with what you can accomplish with panning, a little bit of compression, and some reverb.

This is how our programmatic cloud mixer works

We believe in keeping things simple and staying with the basics. We've made stylistic opinions on what makes a great sounding mix, and we've put that into practice and into the cloud. Every Audiohand iOS user gets access to this, wherever and anywhere they are. 

We're doing the unimaginable

It was unheard of having an automated, programmatic, sound mixer living in the cloud. Even more, no one believed that it was possible until we made it possible. As our tech and resources continue to grow, we're constantly making sure our audio algorithms are creating the best possible sounding records, so that we can continue to bridge the knowledge and money gap for so many musicians.

Don't have money or the know-how to make a record sound great? Try out Audiohand iOS, and see how your next record's a few taps away. It's free and our app takes a very small amount of space on your phone.

Remember, keep it simple and go spotlight your song.

—The Audiohand Team


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