Simplicity Keeps You Sounding Great

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Simplicity Keeps You Sounding Great

Simplicity Keeps You Sounding Great

There are so many factors when it comes to DIY recording, where do you start? Do you start with a premium microphone? Do you start with the right software, or the right preamp? With so many options, it's extremely important to keep things simple and focused.

Great microphone placement and well-rehearsed music makes all the difference in cutting any record.

The Time Before Multi-tracking

Records once used to be cut with 2 high-quailty condenser microphones in a quality space, and then carefully positioning each instrument in the space to achieve the right sound. Inches would matter, causing sounds to either sound powerful or weak (constructive or destructive phasing). Now, microphone still matters a lot in multi-track recording, but any engineer can now phase align all of the tracks in any DAW, getting that punchy and solid sound.

Overcomplicating Things in the Studio

It's tempting to use every audio feed, when it's easy to throw up an army of microphones in any professional studio. When this happens, engineers, producers, and musicians struggle to acheive a "natural sounding" balance in the music. They would all have been better starting with overheads or ambient feeds, then minimally bringing in any feeds necessary to add track detail.

Then Why Use More Than 2 Microphones?

More microphones means more track detail. Suddenly, you can hear every accent and detail in the track. Now, you can augment any stereo sound with close-mic feeds, making your record sound present and real. For example, setting a pair of high-qualiy condenser microphones over a drum-kit, and then slightly blending in any feed from each drum head's microphone. Instantly, there's more clarity and character and opens the door wide-open for new sounds and experimentation.

Audiohand iOS keeps things simple and easy, while getting your best sound.

Band Mode and "Close-miking."

Place each device running Audiohand iOS by each instrument, go into Band Mode, and record your track. We rely on the noise-bleed to perfectly phase-align each track, so that everything's sounding punchy and powerful, while also naturally balancing track detail with your record's overall clarity.

Preserving Headroom and Levels

One of the keys to getting clarity and depth in any recording, is to have enough headroom. Audiohand's audio algorithms mixes one or more tracks with the right amount of headroom and handles gain and volume excellently. When a mix has the right headroom and is properly "gain-staged", the music really comes alive and feels real. 

Clipping Feedback When Recording

Music typically sounds better when you're not clipping when recording right in, unless if your Jack White or Ty Seagall – then it's part of your sound. Still, clipping is no good and especially if it's digitally clipping. This is exactly why Audiohand iOS will flash bright red-pink, so you know if you need more distance between you and the microphone. 

Here at Audiohand, we're making your next recording sound excellent, wherever and anywhere you are.

—The Audiohand Team

Go give Audiohand iOS a try and see how great your sound can get after a tap-or-two.


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