Thank you for using Audiohand. If you have any questions related to Audiohand's iOS application, please contact us using our Questions page.

You can even send us a message through the app, by tapping "Need Help?" in "Settings". Below, we also have our most commonly asked questions and answers. Hopefully this can get you started. We're here for you!

How do I get the most out of Audiohand?

You can use Audiohand to record yourself, but it really shines when you and your friends record a session performance/set together, and you all can combine all of your phone recordings together.

Multi-track recordings are typically time-consuming, can be expensive, and they can still turn out bad if you don't have the experience in recording, mixing, and pumping out one track. Audiohand does that for you, so you can focus on your music.

How do we all record together? 

Place your phone near your instrument, and hit record on Audiohand. (You can even lock your screen and it will still capture your music, but we recommend just having the app up, at least when you're just starting out.)

One person in the session hits "Create Session", and once their track has uploaded, they'll get a 4-digit passcode. 

Everyone else in the session hits "Join Session", and punches in that same 4-digit passcode.

Once everyone has uploaded, anyone can press mix, and viola! Depending on how many phones were recording, and for how long, your mix can be done as fast as 90 seconds, or at times take as long as 3-5 minutes.

My mix won't show up. What's going on?

Our servers are still probably cranking out your mix, so hold tight! But if you want, you can go back to one of the original recordings that were uploaded to that session, and hit "Mix" again.

Check if your mix is finished by going back to your menu, and then tapping into your mix again. If the mix is ready, you'll see your mix player button come up. If your mix isn't ready just yet, you won't see any way to play your track yet.

Soon, we'll be able to send notifications and better feedback on where the mix is in our system. That will most likely make it into our first update !

Can I record in a higher quality format, like .WAV?

Why, yes you can! Go to your menu, and "Settings". There, you will see the option to record in either ".m4a" or ".wav" formats. Just remember that by recording WAVE Linear PCM format, that you can really eat away at your storage, or be careful! 

What format do my mixes come back as?

For ease and convenience in sharing and accessibility, all of our mixes come back as 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz join stereo MP3 formats.

What's going on to actually make my mix? 

Without going into too much detail here, each mix that goes into Audiohand gets normalized, mixed, compressed, and noise reduced using 88.2 kHz internal sampling rate at a 32-bit float level. In other words, we care about the quality of your audio. We're always checking the quality of our audio we'll always be making improvements to our sound.

How can I delete any recording or mix?

Simply swipe left on any track in the "Play" track list, and you'll see a red "Delete" button. Just to make sure that you don't accidentally delete your precious sound, we also confirm its deletion with you.

Can I share my mixes? How?

Right in the app, we make it easy for you to send your mix via email, text, or others. That way, there's no confusing copying or pasting; there's just recording and sharing. 
You can even share your music with us! We would love to hear it, and might even feature it in social or a blog post!

I'm having trouble uploading my recording. Help!

We're sorry! Most times when this happens, it's from a poor or spotty internet connection. When uploading data, temporarily losing internet connection can cause the upload to fail. Hit "Cancel" on the "Uploading" screen, and try it again by pressing either "Create Session" or "Join Session".

I need to join another session - how do they get my recording?

Go into the "Play" track list, and find your recording. Once you tap into your recording, you should see either "Upload" or "Upload Again". Either way, tap that button and see your options. 

If you're joining another session, be sure to grab that session's passcode and then punch it in, when you press "Join Session". 

More questions?

Feel free to contact us on our Questions page.